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2021-12-02 07:25:44

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Today we bring you a Len’s Island guide where we will tell you how to survive the ancient caves.

What are ancient caves in Len’s Island?

These are only the first structures that we are allowed to enter and that can be dangerous, this because there are high possibilities that they can kill us while we are exploring, however, it is necessary to consider that surviving these caves has some particular requirements, and it is about this that today we are going to talk to you in this guide.

How to survive ancient caves in Len’s Island?

It is necessary to equip ourselves with food and for this it is vital to use to grow crops, bake bread and more.
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We embarked on a search through Len’s Island in order to tell you where to find the Marlin sword.

Len's Island has more tasks for us, let's see how to grow food.

It is possible to take care of cultivating a blueberry warehouse, however, baking bread is much more favorable because it allows us to reach a higher level.

Considering equipping ourselves with the Marlin Sword is a favorable weapon to enter the caves, however, it is not enough which makes it necessary to buy weapons from Bridgewater, this means that we must carry money with us.

In the case of not having money to buy them, it is possible to forge the weapons, only that for this we must have a workbench of a high level.

We must take advantage of certain scenarios such as darkness because it usually has a spawning node nearby, and it is our job to eliminate it first, this to avoid being overwhelmed by our enemies.

We are allowed to see the brazier without lighting, this makes it necessary to take care of lighting a fire, it has the ability to illuminate, in addition to offering us 5 passive healing per second as long as we are close to the fire.

In the case of lanterns, these do not give bonuses, they only serve to illuminate and that is enough.

Generally speaking, knowing how to survive ancient caves offers us the possibility to continue exploring in Len’s Island, give it a try.

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