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2021-12-02 07:56:56

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With our help, you will see that knowing how to update the tools is easier than you thought in Len's Island.

What to know about the tools in Len's Island?

It is something necessary if we want to improve our base of operations, only that for this it turns out to be complex due to the few details of it, so to have an idea of what to do to update our tools, let's follow closely the content that this guide will provide us from here onwards, let's see.

How to update tools in Len's Island?

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What we will do first is the construction of a workbench, which requires 12 recovery metals, 10 fibers and 50 woods, it is important to do it in a suitable place, the best place being our base, then we will improve it, when accessing We give our workbench the option to upgrade to level 2, which requires materials such as 40 fibers, 200 woods, 70 recovered metals and 15 iron fragments, close to this we can get them, but wood requires a backpack better for such quantity, we must go to the northeast of the island to repair a bridge, we will locate the tailor to buy the upgrade of the backpack for a cost of 75 gold, having it we can now improve our workbench so that the tool manufactures are in a higher level.

It is clear that knowing how to update the tools allows us to have more fun in Len's Island.

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