Lidia Rozo
2021-12-02 07:07:15

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Farming Simulator 22 has recently been released and today it is necessary to tell you how to disable seasons.

Why disable seasons in Farming Simulator 22?

  This game tends to be extremely realistic that makes it necessary to disable seasons, this because there are some times of the year where some plants can be grown, in this sense, we must do it in order to get our farm to grow.

How to disable seasons in Farming Simulator 22?

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  • We must open the menu and scroll down until we reach Game Settings.
  • Then we must scroll down in order to get to the station configuration.
  • When we see the option Seasonal Growth we must deactivate it and that's it.


  It is possible to change the duration of the season and for this it is necessary to deactivate the configuration of the stations, this is a feature that allows the season to be extended, on the other hand, the Days option that is below seasonal growth should be set at three days and This will make it favorable to learn about each tool with which we are allowed to experiment each month, it is also good to consider not making use of AI assistants because this makes the duration longer in addition to making a lot of money.

  Now that you know how to disable seasons, it is time to apply it and thus continue to enjoy the field work in Farming Simulator 22.

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