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Angel Marquez
2020-12-03 15:10:53

More about: Inmortales Fenyx Rising

Learn how to beat Medusa the Imperious as it is a necessary task in Inmortales Fenyx Rising.

What to know about Inmortales Fenyx Rising?

In this incredible title we are going to go through many challenging things, such as puzzles, complicated locations, missions and fights with the different bosses, we are at this moment with a mission that brings with it everything mentioned before, we have to at the end of the vault it is necessary to defeat one of the most difficult bosses, which brings us to the objective of this guide, which is to guide us in relation to How to defeat Medusa the Imperious, so let's pay attention to the following content.

How to beat Medusa the Imperious in Inmortales Fenyx Rising?

To enter the vault, the objective of acquiring the essence of Athena is first required, revealing in the place to the west of the map, when we enter we will go through many puzzles and objectives, then having at the end the confrontation with Medusa when solving the end, It is necessary to be patient in this fight, so attacking desperately is not an option, before we attack let's see their abilities and we will seek to dodge them all, in this way we will reveal their attack pattern and constantly dodge at Inmortales Fenyx Rising in this confrontation.
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Although it is a strategy considering the ranged attacks and the abilities that allow him to even teleport in the middle of his attacks, if it is easy to dodge and thus attack her in the middle of these is our opportunity, having the red lasers of the air and the ball of energy that it possesses, it is necessary that some attacks keep our distance, since it also has some that are very fast, our opportunity is to make 1 or 2 attacks at a time and up to 5 if it becomes stunned, it is ideal if we want to solve The How to beat Medusa the Imperious be loaded with options to prevent them from causing a lot of damage with their attacks, considering those who have AOE, we will make a spell the moment she teleports and always keeping distance with Medusa and then approaching and attack as much as possible.

It is clear that with the answers to How to beat Medusa the Imperious, it is possible to face this task with greater peace of mind as we progress in this game as busy as Inmortales Fenyx Rising.

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