Lidia Rozo
2020-12-03 07:25:13

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As we get into Empire of Sin we realize that there are crucial tasks, let's look at How to Increase Member Loyalty

Why is it necessary to increase member loyalty in Empire of Sin?

  Undoubtedly, loyalty on these sides is simply a fundamental task, especially since there is some amount of interests involved that make the members tend to lean towards those that suit them best, there are occasions when it is necessary to eliminate some characters since they tend to be loyal to others who are not us.
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How to increase member loyalty in Empire of Sin?

Being loyal is quite a complex matter, in such a way that making this can go up is simply fundamental, because among this it is necessary to have the possibility of earning at least 8 loyalty per month in the specific case of being our employees, but This does not stop here, since if a character is assigned as an Advisor, we simply have the opportunity to gain additional loyalty.

It is necessary to make selections among the members of our crew, as some tend to earn better salaries and have better roles, in such a way that this requires having a minimum of 250 notoriety, in such a way that loyalty simply grows and this makes our business able to flourish.

On the other hand, it is necessary to focus on keeping a record of friendships and relationships with fellow crew members, in such a way that this does not lend itself so that rival gangs can take advantage and thereby disturb us, in which case this may occur, we will simply find ourselves in the painful idea of ​​having to eliminate them.

There is the possibility of firing a character, as we are not necessarily conditioned to retain them, however, this could generate -250 loyalty which makes it a complicated task when hiring other members of the crew, which It leads us to only one way out, and that is to fire them causing some kind of conflict in such a way that our status is simply neutral.

 In this sense, knowing How to increase the loyalty of the members allows us to have the possibility of having the best members of our crew in Empire of Sin.