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Guide to learn how to get carrots in Minecraft

  Agriculture is a basic resource to survive in Minecraft, so if you manage to plant and harvest any type of food in the game it will be beneficial for you in many ways. Among those items necessary for your survival in the game is the carrot, although although not everyone agrees with it, it is still beneficial in any way if you have it in your possession.

Although it turns out to be a super staple in the game, many players have a hard time getting this vegetable, so in this guide we will teach them how to easily get carrots in the game.

How to get carrots in Minecraft?

It is really easy to find carrots, and what we are going to tell you will work in any version of Minecraft and the truth is, the best thing you can do is find a village in the world and steal some carrots from the farmers.
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    In the early days Minecraft villages were pretty rare, but if you're playing a newer version, or the latest one, I'll give you 300 blocks before you see one, it's very easy to find them now.

    Another way to get them is by killing zombies. But if you are just starting in the game and you are looking for carrots by this method it is likely that you are not yet prepared enough to fight zombies at night.

    Not to mention, zombies can appear with many different items, so the chances of finding one with a carrot are pretty slim.

    What to do if you get carrots from a zombie?

    If you get a carrot from a zombie you only get one and this can easily multiply a carrot by planting it in the ground.

    Create a hoe out of any material (wood, stone, diamond, etc.) Right click on a block of grass and the texture will change. Now you can plant the carrot by pointing at the block and right clicking again.

    Remember that any garden you have should have a body of water touching the block or 3-4 blocks away at most.

     Now that you know how to get carrots in Minecraft, you can plant this material and create different recipes that include this ingredient, apart from feeding on it if you have little life. Luck!

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