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As we enter Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity it is necessary to know how to get more costumes

Why get costumes in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity?

Our tour allows us to have the possibility of observing some characters with different costumes, however this is a task that is not usually done from the beginning, so we must focus on working a little before reaching this goal, because the goal here is get costumes to make our characters look more striking.
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How to get more costumes in Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity?

Here is a list of the costumes that you can get as you progress in this game, in such a way that when we get it it is only necessary to press the button, proceed to go with Link to select I attend, after it has been selected alone press A to confirm and proceed to use it, these are the costumes that we can get:

Costumes that are obtained from the beginning:

  •  Soldier armor.
  • Soldier's helm.
  • Greaves of soldier.


 Costumes that are achieved as we progress:

  •  Anti-explosive armor: we can get it when we eliminate Daruk.
  • Champion's Robe: We can find it by clearing the path to the besieged home.
  • The Stealth Chest Guard: Awarded for clearing the village's training secrets.
  • Voe of the Desert Spaulders: We can get it by clearing Urbosa.
  • Headdress of snow feather: This can be obtained when we clean the gale of Rito.
  • Hylian's Robe - Can be obtained by clearing Korok Forest.
  • Helm of Zora: we can get it when we have cleaned Mipha, the princess of Zora.
  • Bokonbin Mask: To get it, you must have acclaimed A Rumor about Skull Lake.
  • Hylian's Hood: to get it, it is only necessary to clear the Korok forest.
  • Hylian Pants: These are obtained by clearing the Korok Forest.
  • Rubber Helmet - This can be achieved when we have cleared up the striking design options.
  • Snow pants: to get them it is necessary to eliminate Revali.
  • Voe Desert Pants: it is only possible to get them when we have cleaned the Kara Kara Bazaar.
  • Voe Desert Headband - We Can Get It After Cleaning Leave None Behind.
  • Climber's scarf: to achieve this it is necessary to clear the mountain rescue.
  • Flamebreak Boots - These can be obtained after clearing the Crown Stronghold.
  • Helm of a Flamebreaker - Can be obtained after clearing combat fire

 Now that you know how to get more costumes, it's time to play to find yours and enjoy them at Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity.

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