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The adventure in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calmity never stops, so today we will tell you what you should know about how to get Hinox trophies.

What are Hinox trophies in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calmity?

They are one of the pieces of loot that you can find in the game and as you can imagine, they are related to Hinoxes, so if you are still not clear on how to get Hinox trophies, there is nothing to worry about, because this guide will tell you what to do.

How to get the Hinox trophies in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calmity?

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Fortunately for those wondering how to get Hinox trophies, it's a fairly simple process, what you need to do is kill a Hinox, which will allow you to get a trophy in addition to some other loot. It is easy at the beginning of the game, as most missions consist of one or two of them every time they appear. However, some missions at the end of the game will request them, and some may even require up to ten for an upgrade.

With this in mind, it is important to play missions that have several Hinoxes that are enjoyable and quick to complete. We recommend you go for the late game mission "Hold the Line", where you can find up to four Hinoxes, but you should keep in mind that this mission has a recommended level of 68, with which you can bring two characters and despite being a high level, it is worth taking several units at this level.

An excellent way to step on this level is with the mission "Coliseum: Beginner", in which you will have to face a Hinox and a Stone Talus with no other enemies present. Compared to the other mission, note that the level recommendation for this Hyrule Warriors Age of Calmity battle is 30 minimum.

We hope that after reading this article on how to get Hinox trophies in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calmity, you will be able to get all the Hinox trophies in the game and all the associated rewards as quickly as possible.

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