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The arrival of Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity allows us to use many resources and this is conducive to telling you how to use rusty weapons, let's see.

What are rusty guns in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity?

These are simply relic weapons, in such a way that this allows us to use them for some important things because not necessarily everything can be forgotten, so knowing how to use rusty weapons simply opens the opportunity to not only depend on the or more recent.

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How to use rusty weapons in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity?

As we progress in this game we realize that we are presented with some weapons that may be rusty and it is possible to take some kind of benefit from them, we cannot make them appear, they do it by themselves and this is where it will be necessary to look for Hylian the blacksmith since it can help us to remove the rust, only that to achieve it it is necessary to choose to get some materials in addition to completing Liberate the Korok forest that is immersed in chapter 3.


  •      1 Octorok Eyeball.
  •     1 Octorok tentacle
  •     2 octopus balloons
  •     10 Octorok trophies


 The aforementioned materials must be taken to the blacksmith and these tend to be used to remove rust from weapons, so it is necessary to do it this way:


  •      Select Octo-Polish at the smithy.
  •     Then select the character that has the weapon and the rusty weapon.
  •     With the gun screwed up, it is necessary to contribute some materials to restore the weapon.
  •     It is also necessary to pay a fee for which it is necessary to provide some amount of materials such as 5 Minerals, 30 parts of monsters, and 100 trophies.


 We can choose to deliver trophies from the mafias, this is our best bet, however, we are free to make the necessary combinations, what is really good to know is that we can clean rusty weapons and why not take one that may be better, Well, some statistics make it up in such a way that trying doesn't hurt.

 In this sense, knowing how to use rusty weapons leads us to get some necessary materials to give value and improvement to the weapons in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity.

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