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Angel Marquez
2022-02-23 14:52:33

More about: Horizon Forbidden West

With our Horizon Forbidden West guide you will learn more about How to find Poseidon.

What to know about Poseidon in Horizon Forbidden West?

Through one of the 3 main missions that we get after progressing in the eye of the main sample, the sea of ​​the sands will give us access to locate the Poseidon function, which will place us in the ruins of Las Vegas and collaborate with a group, it is necessary that we have the diving mask at this point to be able to breathe underwater, now looking to know how to find Poseidon, let's closely follow the content that this guide offers us below.

How to find Poseidon in Horizon Forbidden West?

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It is necessary to swim to the bottom through the flooded area that is in the tower of tears, where we find the compressed air capsule, here we cross the gap that is in the eastern wall, following this course by the marker of greater depth, being in Horizon Forbidden West by the underwater dome we have to continue to the northwest, avoiding the Tideripper and once near the huge hole in the floor we have to locate the red light, which is in the cave to the south of the hole, we activate the console to follow the marker for the access point with the main pump node, as for How to find Poseidon the next thing is that we swim the pipes until we find the node, there is a door to the north of the chamber that we will swim under following the marker.

Continuing on How to find Poseidon we will reach a ladder, which we will jump to reach the top of a door where a valve is, swimming in the same way we will go after the pump maintenance station marker, which will placed with a huge hole through which we will continue through the eastern part of the station, after we deprive the door we must continue in Horizon Forbidden West to the west, then north and we find another door to open, we continue swimming until we reach the console to its activation, resulting in the drainage of the water from the dome, now we are going to climb the ladder, going up the hole following the marker in a northerly direction, here are some machines that we can face or evade, reaching the marker we will practically see the delversos, it is necessary to kill the Tideripper at this point, its vulnerability is in the ice and electricity, we can use the traps and weapons that have those elements.

We will have dialogues with the delversos if we want, while the next thing in terms of How to find Poseidon is that we swim across the lake to open the door, turn right following the corridor, there are some stairs that we will go down to reach another door and we will go down more stairs, now we have to restore Poseidon's subordinate function with the use of the console on the other side of the room, we have to eliminate our steps to climb the ladder that is hanging by the broken bridge, we continue in Horizon Forbidden West by the marker from the hotel / casino, we turn left through the escalators, going up other equal ones we will go to the right through a hole in the wall, which will put us to the north to go through a door and climb the stairs, we will continue to the west to use the elevator that will take us to the surface, we must interact with the curtain where we dialogue again with the delversos, finally we deliver the Poseidon to complete the mission and add the tr Poseidon's eye recovered.

 We can conclude that knowing how to find Poseidon is easier than thought by following these instructions, it only remains to apply them to progress in Horizon Forbidden West.

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