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Angel Marquez
2022-02-23 14:48:35

With our Monark guide you will learn more about How to refight Bosses.

What to know about the bosses in Monark?

Passing the boss at the end of the game we have to go to the student council room, we need to find all the Monarks to see how worthy we are, in order to get the true ending we need to know how to refight the bosses and to achieve this we can guide ourselves with this guide and its following content, let's see.

How to refight bosses in Monark?


It is necessary to cultivate each stage of abyssals that are presented in the contact list of our phone, which takes time, because the drop rate is very low, now the numbers are going to be set in stone, then by dialing the correct one it will be presented a necessary throne, each boss is at level 99 and with a health of 7500, it is necessary that we prepare ourselves, in the case of the numbers in order they are the following:

  • Throne of Greed without Avaritia: ** 5-093-396
  • Throne of Sloth without Acedia: #*6-3**-4#3
  • Throne of Gluttony without Gluttony: *#0-194-952
  • Throne of Pride without Superbia: 815-*50-#97
  • Wrathless Throne of Wrath: 264-849- #13
  • Throne of envy without envy: 68 * -761-110
  • Throne of the night without Yoru: * 38-904- # 36
  • Heaven Throne without Tristia: 106- * 5 * -7 * 3
  • Throne of Lust without Luxuria: 3*#-651-#53
  • The actual final boss having beaten the previous ones: 579-94# -991-#

The order doesn't really matter, because they are all level 99 with level 92 minions, when we have resupplied all the bosses, we can get to face the real final boss and with that we will be achieving the real end of the game.

 We can conclude that knowing how to refight bosses is easier than thought, you just have to apply the instructions and get the most out of Monark.

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