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With our Hitman 3 guide you will have figured out where to find all the shortcuts.

What to know about shortcuts in Hitman 3?

In the 6 maps that we have available throughout the game, a total of 17 shortcuts are presented, being necessary to unlock the trophy of the shortcut killer to find 15, it is possible that we see them blocked from a side where access is not possible when approaching the first time, which makes us go through stairs, go down or seek access by other ways to reach them, sometimes we have to open up to an iron bar, taking these aspects into account it is appropriate to know where to find all the shortcuts and for this we follow the following content.
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Where to find all the shortcuts in Hitman 3?


 On dartmoor

  •  The Balcony Staircase - This is located on level 1 in Zachary's room, the starting point of the investigation.
  • The maintenance ladder: of all the shortcuts it is the one that will give us the least utility, this is because it does not benefit in game time, level 3 is required to access it, it is located inside the alexas office, we have to go through the ledge above the stairs to exit through a window.


In Dubai

  •  On the attic terrace: upon reaching level 4 we find it on the staircase to the large open terrace.
  • The ventilation area: on level 4 we also find it on the opposite side of the previous shortcut.
  • The door to the atrium lobby: this is located on level 1 of Hitman 3, from level 0 we have to access, through the bathrooms and the maintenance area, going down the stairs.
  • The helipad: on the way to level 3 are the stairs that are after the emergency exit.



  •  The back entrance door: on level 0 it is located behind the regular section where the guest entrance is.
  • The door to the bikers 'basement: on level 0 through the bikers' club.
  • The skylight staircase: this is located on level 1, it is necessary to pass the skylight on level 1 and go down to get to it.


  •  The Basement Door - This basement is located in the villa on level 3.
  • The back door: on level 2 we find it, it is necessary to go through the curved path that is around the mansion in the background.
  • The maintenance door: in the basement of the villa on level 3 we have this other shortcut.

The Carpathian Mountains

  •  The container door: as for Where to find all the shortcuts, we have that this container is in a train car, we have to go up to it to find an empty space behind for a valve, the next car being useful.
  • The passenger car door: we will pass through a window, this is the train car that is after the workbench, and they have the section closed, once we enter we continue straight until we reach another window through which we will pass and return from new.



  •  The inner courtyard: it is located on level 1 with easy access.
  • The block ladder: on level 2 it is hidden in the corner of a balcony, which is part of the house with the Hush.
  • The axis of the facility's elevator: with this shortcut it is possible to access the ACI facilities through the elevator shaft, it is located on level 0, even from level -1, close to level 1 from the security section.

 So we finish our guide on Where to find all the shortcuts, hoping that you can get the best out of Hitman 3, a very busy game.

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