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2021-01-19 21:23:35

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Many Hitman 3 users will want to know how to get the Trinity Pack as soon as the game is released in a few hours, so today we will tell you how to obtain it.

What is the Trinity Pack in Hitman 3?

A few hours after the official premiere of the game, you should know that this Pack is a "celebration" for the World of Assassination trilogy, this Pack seeks to combine the three titles and close the gap between stories, plots and times.

Taking into account that the Pack will allow you to obtain up to 9 articles and the advantages that it will allow you to access, many users will want to know how to obtain the Trinity Pack, so we prepared this guide covering every detail, so be careful.
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How to get Trinity Pack in Hitman 3?

In order to get this Pack you will have to reserve the game, that is, buy the game in advance for any platform and in the version you want, and once it is released, you will be able to access the Pack.

Unfortunately the premiere of the game is here and there are only hours left, but luckily, if you made your reservation for the game beforehand, get ready to enjoy the Pack.

As we mentioned, it doesn't matter which version you book, it can be from the standard version to the luxury version. The difference is that the deluxe version will also allow you to obtain the elements of this version.

It is possible that even if you are watching this, hours before January 20, you can try to reserve the game, total, if you are still going to want it, it will be worth trying and when you can access it, you will know if you have succeeded.

 That is all you have to know about how to get the Trinity Pack in Hitman 3, we hope our guide has been very useful and timely for those still wondering how to get this Pack. And if you don't have it yet then run!

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