Lidia Rozo
2020-09-22 11:27:26

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Knowing how to get all the memories is simply important and in this Hades guide we are going to explain it to you.

What are memories in Hades?

  It is necessary to understand that in this game we must get a list of memories, all are clearly related to the release version 1.0, a topic that is necessary since we need to know how to obtain all the memories and that these are nothing more than a quantity of Vital items for our careers in this game, among the recipients of the gifts it is possible to choose nectar as an interesting resource, on the one hand because we can get it in the house of Hades and on the other hand because it is very rare.

How to get all the memories in Hades?

  This is actually quite a long but necessary list and it is as follows:
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  • Nyx - Has the ability to deal the most damage hitting enemies even from behind reaching 10/15/20 percent and features a Black Thug.
  • Ares - Has the ability to deal damage to undamaged enemies and hit them even from behind, can deal 10/15/20 percent damage, and features a Vessel full of blood.
  • Artemis: It allows us to have the blessing of Artemis and these have a 10/15/20 percent of being Rare or better, they have as a characteristic the inflexible Arrowhead.
  • Hypnos: with this it is possible to spend some amount of coins for each escape attempt, as it receives 100/125/150 coins, it has the Chthonic Wallet feature.
  • Aphrodite: Her blessings have a 10/15/20 percent chance of being Rare or better and she has the Eternal Rose characteristic.
  • Charon: has an increased duration of 4/6/8 encounters in the Well of Charon and has the Hourglass of Bone as a characteristic.
  • Orpheus: has the ability to deal 10/20/30 percent damage to distant enemies and has Distant Memory as a characteristic.
  • Poseidon: his blessings have a 10-15 / 20 percent chance of being Rare or better and his characteristic is the Snail.
  • Patroclus: can become impervious to damage by getting 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 seconds, can cool down after 7 seconds and has the characteristic of the broken Spear Point.
  • Hermes: with this we get the possibility of dodging and moving the speed when quickly clearing an encounter reaching a gain of 1- 1.1 / 1.2 percent and has the Lamb's Feather as a characteristic.
  • Demeter: His blessings are Rare and Better and range from 10/15 to 20 percent, if characteristic is the Frozen Horn.
  • Skelly: this can miraculously survive with 50/75/100 of life for any escape attempt and its characteristic is the Tooth of Luck.
  • Eurídice: it allows to receive 0 damage at least the 3/4/5 times that we receive hits, its characteristic is The Always Green Acorn.
  • Cerberus: this one gains 25/3550 points of life and its characteristic is the Old pointed neck.
  • Dusa: Has a 3/4/5 percent chance to contain healing items and its characteristic is the Harpy Duster.
  • Dionysus - His blessings have a 10/15/20 percent chance of being Rare or better, and he has the Overflowing Cup feature.
  • Thanatos: we can gain 1 / 1.5 / 2 percent of damage for each cleared encounter without taking any damage for us, if characteristic is the Pierced Butterfly.
  • Achilles: has the ability to take 20/25/30 percent damage from the front and 10 percent from behind, they have the Myrmidon Scriber as a characteristic.
  • Megaera: can inflict 120/130110 percent damage with just 30 percent health, its characteristic is The Skull Slope.
  • Athena: Her blessings are 10/15/20 percent Rare or better and she features the Owl Pendant.
  • Sisyphus: It has a special attack of 40/60/80 percent damage while we do not receive the power of a Boon, its characteristic is a shattered Shakel.
  • Zeus - His blessings have a 10/15/20 percent chance of being rare or better and he has the Seal of Thunder characteristic.

Now that you know how to get all the memories, go start your way for Hades and tell us how you are doing.