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2020-09-22 11:23:17

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Hades has arrived and with it some interesting activities so it is necessary to know how to unlock the Gilgamesh aspect

What can we say about Hades?

  This is a game that is full of elements, skills, decorations and names all clearly based on Greek mythology, we also have some number of weapons, because in reality we are in the underworld and it is our mission to escape to Mount Olympus, because this The game is already becoming a success, because this in a way is due to the aspects, because here it is necessary to know how to unlock the Gilgamesh aspect, it has special divine weapons as well as some hidden powers that it is not possible to stop side.

How to unlock the Gilgamesh skin in Hades?

  It is important to be clear that we must unlock 6 specific elements and they are the following:
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  • The Fists: The first step to know how to unlock the aspect of Gilgamesh are the fists, since these can be unlocked as the game progresses, they are Malphon's twin fists and to get them it is necessary to have a total of 8 Chthonic keys.
  •  The Destination List: This can be classified as an early purchase at Hades, as it is available at the Trading House that offers us some particular rewards.
  •  Unlock the aspects: each aspect usually adapts to a totally different style, since each weapon is objective, an interesting option that Hades presents us is the possibility of being able to experiment with them, because the advantage for us here is that we can have 5 different aspects .
  •  Guan-Yu's spear: Once we get the 5 aspects, it is possible to get the fight with the final boss, it is most likely that we will need to talk a few times with Achilles and it will be precisely this who is in charge of offering us the necessary phrase to be able to Unlock this aspect, as it is necessary to understand that it will be the first aspect introduced and that it is vital to be able to unlock the others.
  •  The blood of the fists: It is important to know that the blood of Titan must be invested in the feeding of the aspects, and it is only possible to do it after having managed to unlock the aspect of Guan-Yu.
  •  Asterius: this is the last thing we need to unlock Gilgamesh, as it is necessary to speak to this boss while brandishing the Twin Fists, it is the last step we need to perform and it is about talking with the Minotaur boss until we get the key phrase, once with her it is necessary to speak to the Twin Fists, which allows us to unlock the weapon and with it some number of secrets that are related to Hades.

 Now that you know how to unlock the Gilgamesh aspect, it is time to go through 6 steps and do them one by one, as they are usually vital and performed in a certain order in Hades, try it.