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We have made a GTA Online guide for you where we propose to explain how to obtain an alien outfit

Why get the green alien outfit at GTA Online?

  Because he simply gives us another different aspect, because although it seems a bit strange it is also good to participate in some supernatural follies, this really is quite easy and allows us to entertain ourselves a little more than usual, because some famous players have it, so it would not be strange if we can get it too.
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    How to get a green alien outfit in GTA Online?

     This is an element that can be obtained in a store, and it will only be up to us to have enough money to buy it, stores are generally marked on our map, choosing one is our decision, as they are usually identified with a T-shirt.

     Our option is to buy the green Marciano suit here are the steps to get it.

    •  It is necessary to speak to the person at the cash register of the store, for this you just have to walk and interact to open the menu to buy clothes and some other necessary items.
    • Next we will go to Suits "Arena War" and select "Body suits".
    • Then we proceed to select "Martian Green Suit" which is in the list and has a value of $ 360,000.

    Now that you know how to get an alien outfit, you only need to get enough money and show off our costume in GTA Online.

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