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Sakura Wars: How to Skip Cutscenes and Dialogue

2020-04-29 12:10:25

Sakura Wars is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to skip scenes and dialog with details.

What saber of the scenes and dialogues in Sakura Wars?

In many occasions during the game it is normal that one wants to skip the odd scene that is not generating interest, the same will happen with the dialogues, but this creates the question of How to skip scenes and dialogues, in this guide it is possible to find all the answers to your understanding, so let's pay some attention to see what the following content tells us.

How to skip scenes and dialogs in Sakura Wars?

In the case of the scenes, it is not difficult to perform the jump, only that we have to consider the possibilities to do it, while this scene is presented, with the button of the pause options, we open the menu, here we will look for where it says Jump, Which allows us to omit the sea scene from the game, Go to a scene that allows us to return to the gameplay, What if I have to take into account that it is positive for the speed in which we progress, only in context, due to that we have the dialogues at the time of the interactions.

With the latest updates is that we can make this omission, otherwise if we do not have the patches, this option is not possible, it can only be if we ever complete the game, thus being necessary to see all the scenes, which in the afternoon will take much longer to reach the end.

Now we have the dialogs, in this case our possibilities are different, instead of making a direct omission, we have to skip the dialogs that are not linked to the options by simply pressing the X quickly, only it is not instant, But if we reduce the time that we are going to take to attend to the content of the story, it matters how many times they are presented to us.

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