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Grounded is simply an interesting world and that's why today we explain how to create a respawn point

What is the respawn point in Grounded?

This is simply the shed, as it is an interesting space that we can transform, which allows us to take advantage in a certain way, especially when we have set ourselves the goal of carrying out explorations.
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    How to create a respawn point in Grounded?

    This is a simple task that requires a certain necessary recipe, feet implies having the Miraculous Machine arranged in the yard, the detail is that in order to access this recipe it is vital to get the clover leaf who is the vital element to fix the machine and with this finally access the recipe.

    To establish the reappearance point, you only need to press the interaction button, this simply helps us to reappear each time we die, we can perform more than one throughout the game to avoid starting from the beginning.

    What are necessary elements to create the respawn point in Grounded?

     3 Clover Leaves - These can be achieved by cutting the clover stalks using the cutting tool.

     2 bouquet: These branches we can get when we explore because they are located in the ground and are medium-sized plants with a stem with small leaves on top.

    With these ingredients it is possible to create the point of reappearance as this allows us to go to the craft menu in Utilities, first place the Leanto, with a good orientation especially because it is necessary to place it on clear surfaces, then we interact with it and place the resources mentioned above.

     This is all you need to know about how to create a respawn point, as it is a very useful tool in Grounded.

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