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The world of Grounded allows us to have several necessary elements and this implies knowing how to get a house

What is the purpose of getting a house in Grounded?

In daily life, having a house turns out to be a necessary task, since it is simply the place where we can rest after a long day, but this is not only what we will do here because it also serves as a necessary space to protect us from some bugs Because this is an environment where it is possible to get many, obviously it is important to use some resources such as stems, some fibers and other simple elements.
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    How to get a house in Grounded?

    The first thing to consider is the possibility of locating some herbs but this is not a problem since we will have some ideal weeds such as dandelion, then comes the process to get some planks, because with these implements our work begins starting from the walls, we will place a door because the idea is to be able to leave with calm and normality, to finish it is necessary to place the roof and this can be done using clover leaves.

    The decoration of the house can be done to our liking, placing some furniture that we consider useful such as the bed where we can rest and sleep, because even if it is only a shed it can be said that it is a bed and that is enough to say.

    These are the ideal resources to build the house.


    •  The door: This is made with 3 grass boards 1 twig 1 grass step two woven fibers.
    • The sturdy door: This requires 3 grass stalks 2 twigs four woven fibers.
    • The wall with windows: To make it requires 1 grass stalk 3 grass boards.
    • The wall: Requires 4 grass boards.
    • Stem Wall with Windows: Requires 2 grass stalks.
    • The stem wall: Requires stems of 3 weeds.
    • Roof: It is built with a grass stalk with four clover leaves.
    • Inner corner of the roof: We can make it with 1 grass stalk 4 clover leaves.
    • Roof corner: Requires 1 grass stalk 4 clover leaves.

     Now that you know how to get a house, just take all the resources and make yours, then you will tell us how it turned out in Grounded.

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