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Today we make for you a Grounded guide where we are going to explain how to get clean water with a dew collector

What is the dew collector for Grounded?

 This is a game where there are some necessary vital elements such as clean water, because this is simply a vital resource that we can get on earth, because sometimes we are presented with the possibility of getting some amount of water, only that simply implies To make a specific device, therefore, the need to know how to obtain clean water with a dew collector arises, only this involves some time.

How to get clean water with a dew collector in Grounded?

 The dew collector is simply found as soon as we find quartzites, as these require us to do some research and this is particularly because they are found when a cave is discovered underground. In this sense it is necessary to get four particular objects and this implies having a hammer that serves as a backup with which we will reach the deposit.
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    The objects necessary to make the dew collector are:


     Woven fibers: this element is natural and we must achieve a quantity of 5.

    • Grass stems: these are somewhat more complex to obtain but we can obtain them from the dandelion and there are a total of 6 stems that we need to obtain.
    • Pages: this object is relatively easy to get, it is located in the cave and to get it it is necessary to use the hammer, the amount we need to collect from this object is 8.
    • Spider silk: This object is extremely resistant to obtain it, it is necessary to have a twig bow and a good amount of arrows, since these spiders are somewhat complex and this implies fighting against them from a reasonable distance, in addition to this we can choose to use a pebble spear and armor, as all this allows us to be equipped enough to approach and take the silk.


     These are the 4 necessary objects, now we only have to take them and proceed to bring them to our camp, the idea is to place them outside for the sole purpose of collecting the dew, we can also choose to carry a container with the water obtained from the dew.

     Now that you know how to get clean water with a dew collector it is only time to do it on your own and see that it is an interesting task that we carry out at Grounded.

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