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Fall Guys: How to Push - Tips and tricks

2020-08-05 09:05:09

Find out How to push in this excellent and explanatory Fall Guys guide.

What to know about pushing in Fall Guys?

There are many possibilities to execute to be victorious in a game, something can help us in this is to push, taking into account that it is something to do not found simply on any button of our controls according to the platform, this can be used against the players and objects, it is a simple mechanics that became somewhat complex to use, now to understand how to push, we just have to closely follow the explanatory content that this guide offers us in the following details.

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    How to push on Fall Guys?

    In the PS4 we will use the R2, for the Xbox the RT and in the PC the Shift, it is the specific button for the grip, in an object when using it we will continue the movement by pushing it, while in the case of the players it is short movement, in order to prevent us from going ahead, even to the abyss we can push them, in a key tool to be at the top of all the players but it can also work against us, the central focus of this mechanic is not something that we can use very often but using it at our discretion is possible.

      We hope the detailed information on Pushing here has been very helpful in having fun and progressing in Fall Guys.

    PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows
    Last man standing, obstacle racing, battle royale
    Devolver Digital
    Release date:
    August 4, 2020
    age rating (PEGI):

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