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Godstrike has several enemies and this makes it convenient to talk to you about How to beat Drakhul.

Who is Drakhul in Godstrike?

This is simply a first boss that we meet and we must fight, it is necessary to make it clear that there is no need to use any power to combat it, in this sense, knowing how to defeat Drakhul is necessary to have and equip our skills, because the most ideal thing in this fight is to load with precision shots, these have the desired effect during this encounter that can become moderately long and in which we must win.

How to beat Drakhul in Godstrike?

  It should be noted that this meeting usually occurs in three phases and as we progress, this boss tends to get a bit more complex, thus starting this fight:
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Phase 1: this boss usually sits in the center of the arena to make some shots of red orbs around him, in this sense, it is necessary to mobilize on the right side of the arena in Godstrike and sit down, pus during this process we We will keep shooting this boss, it is possible to visualize a gap between the orbs and this makes it necessary to stay still, in this sense, we must consider avoiding receiving damage, in such a way that this allows us to start our work on How to win to Drakhul, we can even speed things up a bit and for this it will only be enough to make use of the "Singularity Ray", because with this we manage to access the next phase that is somewhat more complex.

Phase 2: we continue in the fight to know how to defeat Drakhul and this leads us to place ourselves in a combat phase where it is possible to observe a semicircle around the edge below the island, and in this sense consider that here the boss usually executes these attacks:


  •  Laser: it is necessary to be careful in this phase of fight in Godstrike, because this boss usually launches a laser through the mouth and it will keep following us around 120 degrees of movement.
  • Summon blue ghosts: this is another attack with which it is necessary to be careful, as these tend to charge against us and makes it a complex matter because they will manage to be in front.
  • Summon purple ghosts: it is necessary to take care of these, since when they are summoned they have to shoot orange orbs in a burst, which makes it necessary to destroy them.


 In this second phase, to know how to beat Drakhul it is necessary to be attentive, because the first blow that this boss will execute is the invocation of the blue ghosts, it is necessary to avoid being touched by these in Godstrike because they usually do a lot of damage, and since there is no Something that we can do to get rid of these we just have to avoid them, but it does not stop there because Drakhul immediately seeks to launch the laser at a range of 120 degrees, while performing this process we will see that his mouth is open and it is only necessary to take care to move away from this asset either to the left or to the right of it.

The invocation of blue ghosts is an action that this boss usually does regularly in Godstrike, also these usually come in a row, it is necessary to avoid being hit by it because they can do us considerable damage, if they do not touch us they will only pass by one side And now, on the contrary, the purple ones do represent more dangerousness, this means that while we visualize that the boss is invoking him in his mouth we proceed to make some shots, this allows destroying him when invoking him and therefore places us with a step forward in our objective about to know how to beat Drakhul, because if not to avoid it, they shoot orange orbs, in such a way that getting to prevent the purple ghosts from leaving simply allows us to hurt this boss.

Phase 3: this is the last stage of the combat and this is the most formidable, because there we will see that the center of the sand usually disappears into lava which makes leaving this place an action fast enough to execute in Godstrike, in this In order to know how to beat Drakhul, it is necessary to consider the attacks that this boss will carry out and they are:

  •  Orbs of orange light: this is an attack that allows this boss to create orange orbs around him and to rain on the sand.
  • Shit and stomp: it is necessary to understand that this boss is not interested in being knocked down and therefore he will charge against us, he has the possibility of charging some four times, he will jump and step on the ground which makes it possible to marry a rocky shield that can serve him to protect himself while throwing orange orbs.


 In this fight to know how to beat Drakhul, it is necessary to avoid blows because this usually follows a specific pattern, we can also use the sand in our favor, thus achieving not receive damage, this implies going over or under this boss. about four times, however, we must understand that the rocky shield that this boss has created can be complicated, especially considering that in the same way it will launch orange orbs for about 20 seconds in Godstrike.

Our work leads us to be in charge of being attentive, because this boss has the particularity of shooting orange orbs at us for about 20 seconds, in this sense it is vital to shoot the boss and when getting the rocks to be destroyed, go through the shield avoiding the lines of orbs that it continues to fire, without lowering its guard, here it is necessary to continue attacking without rest, in such a way that this boss can return to the center of the arena and create a circle of orange orbs, it is necessary to continue attacking even when there is a rain of orbs on both sides of the arena, it is viral and simple to avoid doing damage and thereby attack the boss until he falls.

 In this way we put an end to our guide on How to beat Drakhul, since it is only necessary to be attentive to each blow that this Godstrike boss can deliver.

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