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2020-10-27 12:06:24

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If you are one of those who still do not know how to get FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 21 do not worry, because this article has everything you need to know.

What are FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 21.

It is an element that will be useful to redeem packages and much more, so if you want to know how to obtain them pay attention because we will quickly tell you how to obtain FGS Swaps tokens.

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How to get FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 21.

If you are a player with some experience, you probably already know that you need to earn FGS Swaps tokens and then deliver them in the Swaps SBCs section to unlock the rewards which this time are as follows:

  • Mega Pack - 4 Player Tokens
  • Jumbo Rare Player Pack - 5 Player Tokens
  • Premium Gold Pack - 2 Player Tokens.
  • Electrum First Class Player Pack - 3 Player Tokens

The tokens correspond to the outdated versions of players that already exist, however it has a funky design of FGS Swaps tokens.

In order to earn tokens you will have to watch the sports streams of the FIFA Global Series, in this sense, for every hour you watch on a channel, you will receive a player ticket with ten that can be won during the first series of FGS Swaps . This means that you will have to watch five hours of competition to get a 100k package.

Just make sure you are in the rewards pot and to do so you will have to link the EA and Twich account by going to the Twich settings> Connections> connect to EA and you will be ready to see the transmissions and as the active hours are fulfilled. FGS Swaps token players will be added to your Ultimate Team account.

 That is all you have to know about how to get FGS Swaps tokens at FIFA 21, we hope that our guide has been of the greatest possible use to you and that you have managed to obtain as many tokens as possible.

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