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Today we bring for you a Ghost of Tsushima guide in which we will tell you about where to find all iki Island Bamboo strike.

What to know about the bamboo strike in Ghost of Tsushima?

We find many things in Iki Island, among which highlights the bamboo strike, something that was seen in the original campaign, and we have back, are challenges that we can face scattered throughout the game, on this island of Iki there are many to find as we progress in the DLC, with this it is possible to improve our resistance to fire for each bamboo strike initiated, when you have achieved a cut of seven stalks you have that for each strike the determination will increase, now to know where to find all iki Island Bamboo strike we must consider the content to be presented below, let's see.

Where to find all iki Island Bamboo strike in Ghost of Tsushima?

As for where to find all iki Island Bamboo strike in Ghost of Tsushima the following details are presented:

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  •  Tatsu staircase: the first strike in Ghost of Tsushima takes us to cross the Iki island to the northeast area of the center of the map, near the Tatsu staircase and west of the Kemono road, near a mountain area and a lake will be presenting this activity.
  • On Saru Island: this is the southernmost area of Iki Island, along the coast is a smaller island, it is necessary to swim to this, to solve where to find all iki Island Bamboo strike, additionally here is a pillar of honor, and we can add a sword kit, it is necessary to spend bamboo to start the activity.
  • The shipwreck: we find it on the eastern shores of Iki island, we will discover it and just above it, we have the bamboo strike, by the map we will be in the north of Zasho bay and east of Zasho forest, taking into account a blockade to reach this place, we have to knock down a wall using our hook to cross.
  • The Buddha's footprints: in the south end of the Iki island we will find it, being in if the lower area of the Buddha's footprints, we will find many activities and even a shrine in the shadow and the monument to the assailant will be appreciated.

Now that you know where to find all iki Island Bamboo strike, just do it and continue progressing in Ghost of Tsushima.

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