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Angel Marquez
2020-07-21 16:48:02

More about: Ghost of Tsushima

The action in Ghost of Tsushima doesn't stop, so you need to understand about the PS4 controls and everything will be covered in detail here.

What should we know about the PS4 controls in Ghost of Tsushima?

The possibilities that we will have in the gameplay of this game goes through the controls, the management of the skills depend on some combinations of buttons and part of so many more things that it is possible to do, now to have more specific details of what we can do with the buttons we must focus on the content of this guide that will explain us about the PS4 controls, let's pay close attention from this moment.
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What are the PS4 controls in Ghost of Tsushima?

Let's see the following combinations that we can do with our PS4 control in the game:

Special abilities


  •  By holding an explosive bow arrow we will use the L2 Triangle to equip at the same time
  • With pressing on the D-Pad the Right R2 and then we activate the path of the flame pressing the R1
  • To use the Dance of Wrath we will use L1 R1
  • We will make the heavenly strike by combining the Circle Triangle


 Most common combinations to use


  •  To call the horse we use the D-Pad on the left
  • We enter photography mode with the D-Pad on the right
  • We heal with the D-Pad down
  • Clashes with the D-Pad facing up
  • With the pause button we access the options menu
  • With the left stick we walk
  • With the right lever we access the camera
  • Changing arrows and ammunition with the L2 Cara
  • To block or stop we use L1
  • Bow aiming or ranged weapon use passes through L2
  • To make the change of the scope weapons we will use the L2 D-Pad
  • Focused hearing with pressing the Trackpad
  • To play music we will use the Trackpad to the left
  • To unsheathe and sheathe the sword we will use the Trackpad to the right
  • The wind guide with the Trackpad up
  • Trackpad gestures down
  • To jump we use the X
  • Attacks and murders with the square
  • A heavy attack with the Triangle
  • The script with the circle
  • Using the fast or heavy firearm with the R1
  • Crouching interaction, horse mountain and context with the R2
  • To duck we use the R3
  • If we want to change the position of the weapon or the shot we will do it with the R2 Cara
  • For the Fire Arc or ranged weapon we use the L2 R2
  • In the case of running or galloping we use the L3.

 Obviously knowing what the PS4 controls are allows us to have more fun in Ghost of Tsushima.

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