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Our tour of Ghost of Tsushima allows us to defeat some enemies and is the reason why we will explain How to beat Kaede

 We are definitely immersed in a game where knowing How to beat Kaede simply turns out to be a necessary task, especially since before carrying out this process it is vital to carry out a search through the legend of Tadayori which allows us to access the armor .

How to complete the Tadayori legend in Ghost of Tsushima?

The first thing we need to understand is that it is vital to trigger the search and this implies having to locate Yamato, in the north of Tutsu specifically in the Izuhara region, in order to get the armor, which is simply the best archer and best kill Tsushima Island pirates.

Our journey to know how to beat Kaede requires us to have the armor of Tadayori and this simply implies the possibility of providing a section of the map to generate the search for the Violet Crown and heading to the southern section of the map that leads us down a path It contains some purple chrysanthemums in Ghost of Tsushima, the detail here is to get to the sanctuary in order to have a look and check the lamp, because with this we managed to get information related to the location of Tadayori.

After checking in the sanctuary we headed north to reach Pastur de Houren in Ghost of Tsushima, we proceeded to cross the river and we realized that the map is simply bigger than we thought, our tour here allows us to see more chrysanthemums and proceed to the mountain until we reach the cliff where we must get a lantern, our job here is to crawl through the hole to cross and observe the Mongols who have died, here it is only necessary to examine the grave and incense, with it we fully prepare ourselves to beat Kaede.
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    How to beat Kaede in Ghost of Tsushima?

    Kaede is simply a fairly complex enemy and requires being prepared enough to execute attacks as well as to avoid the attacks that this may cause, the most important thing in this regard is to block the attacks that this enemy may generate, since our objective in this The game is focused on surviving, specifying yourself by knowing how to beat Kaede.

     It is necessary to defend ourselves from the attacks caused by this enemy and for this it is necessary to move the sword because this allows us to carry out attacks and this implies, among many things, having the stone posture, each attack that this enemy gives us is necessary to jump and avoid it now that he tried to attack us with his sword, as this is an easy attack, our enemy will choose to make one that is somewhat more complex, carrying out some counterattacks, in this sense it is necessary to hit him but not more than 3 times to defeat this enemy.

    Knowing how to beat Kaede allows us to use stealth, since the idea is to not be discovered by anyone, obviously the Mongols will be alert but if we do not alarm them they simply will not discover us, here it is necessary to eliminate a Mongol whose job is to kill a Yamato only that we must anticipate events, because with Kaede defeated it is necessary to go west of the town of Azamo to reach the cliffs where we must be alert because there will be a number of Mongols.

    Yamato manages to deceive a considerable amount of soldiers in Ghost of Tsushima after that it is necessary to interact with the statue to get the Tadatyori armor that is buried here, but obviously this does not end here because before completing the search for the armor and ending up being ours it is necessary to protect Yamato avoiding that the enemies want to come to eliminate it.

     This is all we need to know about how to beat Kaede as it is a simple task that allows us to get the Tadayori armor for ourselves, which means we kill two birds with one stone in Ghost of Tsushima.

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