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2020-11-04 07:32:42

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Genshin Impact has managed to occupy us enough and this is usually relevant to tell you where to find divining scrolls

What are divining scrolls in Genshin Impact?

These are a type of necessary items to achieve the ascension of characters or simply the ascension of weapons to some levels that may be higher, in such a way that it is vital to embark on this interesting search and with it to get together some amount that allows us to achieve the amount necessary for the characters or weapons locating us in some strategic places.

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Where to find divining scrolls in Genshin Impsct?

It is necessary to consider that there are many spawning points of Samachurls and Hilichurls since they are the ones who drop these scrolls, so that it is necessary to travel some spaces in Monsdtadt or Liyue in their search and thus get the scrolls that are necessary for promote Klee and Barbara, then we leave you the locations where we can get them and they are the following:

The routes of the Samachurl farm that in itself is the most effective, since completing them is quite easy since it only takes a few minutes, we can do it as many times as we consider necessary each week and it is only necessary to achieve between 5 and 7 samachurl deaths.


  •  On the Stone farm route we can get 6 Samachurls.
  • On the Plains farm route we can get 6 Samachurls.
  • On the route to the village farm we can get 6 Samachurls.

 Now that you know where to find divining scrolls, it is time to take a walk along the farm route as many times as you consider necessary in Genshin Impact.

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