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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-01 14:30:29

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Genshin Impact never ceases to amaze us so it is vital to explain to you how to obtain the Northlander prototype

What are Northlander prototypes in Genshin Impact?

These are simply a rare enough type of material with which we get in this game, especially since its fall is low, it is also usually necessary to consider that the difficulty is simply a necessary factor, because it is vital to consider focusing on getting them when we are in not very low levels. It should be noted that knowing how to obtain the Northlander prototype allows us to have to work a lot to get to it because although it is true at first it can become a complex task, it is worth mentioning that with a little effort it is possible to achieve it.
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How to get the Northlander prototype in Genshin Impact?

This is a search that in a way requires us to have a high world level, in such a way that it is necessary to embark on different options to achieve this prototype in Genshin Impact and they are the following:

 Cultivate World Bosses: this presents us with the possibility of getting this drop from any of the three bosses, the detail is that these usually have a high level in such a way that it requires some difficulty, however, it is worth noting that these usually drop:

  •  Northlander prototype.
  • Stormentor prototype.
  • Andrius prototype.
  • Targalia prototype (this one thanks to updating 1.1)


Buy prototype: this is another existing option in our search to know how to obtain the Northlander prototype because for this it is necessary to go to one of the stores and buy only one piece of each of the following:

  •  Go to the Mondstadt souvenir shop to buy the Arc Sword prototype.
  • Go to the Souvenir shop in Liyue to buy Northlander's Claymore, Catalyst, and Stick Arm.


 Here are the prototypes we can get:

 Northlander Sword Prototype and Bow Prototype: This is an artifact that can only be obtained by purchasing it or simply fighting the World Boss during each week in Genshin Impact, this can be obtained in this way:

  •  The prototype sword usually costs 225 Anemo Sigils.
  • The prototype bow usually costs 225 Geo Sigils.


 Nortlander Catalyst Prototype: We continue working to know how to obtain the Northlander prototype and this embarks us on a quest, completing chapter 4 of the Adventurer's Manual for which it is necessary:

  •  Get this prototype for a cost of 225 Geo Sigils.
  • Choose to visit the statue of the Seven in the Guard of Stormentor.
  • Get to update the statues of the Seven in Mondstadt which represents being at level 6.
  • Get perform the upgrade for all 6 artifacts.
  • Take at least 3 rewards from Flowers of Wealth or Flowers of Revelation.
  • Choose to complete an expedition.
  • Get three characters promoted to phase 1.
  • Find the increase of a weapon to level 20.
  • It is possible to do a little Alchemy.
  • It requires hunting an electrocycline mage.
  • You need to unlock the Shrine of the Deep.

Claymore Nortlander prototype: this simply leads us to focus on conducting a search that allows us to unlock the Tri-seals around the Dadaupa Canyon, which requires completing the Breaking the seal of the Cemetery of the Sword flame, because with this we can manage to open a luxury chest where this prototype is found, which usually has a cost of 225 Geo Sigils.


  •  Nortlander Polar Arm Prototype: This is the last prototype that we must get in Genshin Impact for which it is necessary:
  • Choose to get the reward from the Floor Spiral Abyss Chamber.
  • This prototype usually costs 225 Geo Sigils.


 The drop rate or the possibility of buying these weapons are simply random, because in a way they usually depend on an interesting mineral material that allows us to choose to make the Dragon's Thorn, so knowing how to obtain the Northlander prototype leads us to embark on an interesting quest where the world level simply needs to be as high as possible.

Now that you know how to get the Northlander prototype it's time to gather the necessary requirements and start this quest through Genshin Impact.

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