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2019-01-07 22:14:01

Pearl Abyss has announced that the next release date of  BDO in its version of Xbox One will be next March 4. In addition, they offer us a launch trailer and other details, such as the bonuses that players will reserve. Last month, we learned that a new game mode, Shadow Arena, approaches the real battle style with up to 50 players in online mode.

"After the enthusiastic reception of the open beta of Black Desert in November 2018, our team has been working hard to achieve significant improvements to improve the base game before launch on March 4," says Robin Jung, Executive Director of Pearl Abyss. "We appreciate the feedback we receive from our beta testers and the Xbox community and hope to share the final experience in the coming months."

As for the early booking bonuses, the study indicates that the Ultimate, Deluxe and BD standard editions on Xbox One can be reserved before the official launch on March 4, 2019. Specifically, the Ultimate Edition will grant early access to Full launch in advance to the other players, specifically on March 1. In addition, the special edition awards the most awards and exclusive items in the game, such as pets, armor, costumes, coins and other benefits. Therefore, it is an interesting purchase for those players interested in cosmetic and useful objects within the game.

BDO It is a video game that you can not miss if you consider yourself a true gamer.

In specialized forums like the BDO Reddit you can find a lot of information related to this Black Dessert MMORPG and they will provide you with information such as the best black desert online classes which after a survey resulted in classifying them with a better level of excellence in PVP they are:

      VOTES - %
Ninja: 338- 56.3
Mystic: 260- 43.3
Striker: 195- 32.5
Sorceress: 176- 29.3
Magician: 166- 27.7
Kunoichi: 135- 22.5
Witch: 120- 20.0

But even so, these data will only be referential, that is, to take into account when thinking about starting your experience as part of this network of players since, like in any video game, some character can adapt better to your abilities or game style than those of other

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