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2024-05-02 11:36:41

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We invite you to discover How to hire Secret Agents in BitLife, a new task in this incredibly fun game.

What to know about secret agents in BitLife?

Mastering the art of running a successful secret agency in BitLife requires hiring the best agents, maximizing our profits, and staying one step ahead of the game. Hiring secret agents is essential for a secret agent to make a profit. We will earn a lot of money by sending them on secret missions such as taking secrets, recovering secret documents and more, now to know How to hire Secret Agents in BitLife let's take into account the following content.

How to hire Secret Agents in BitLife?

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When we open a secret agency, in "Secret Agency Operations" we will find the "Recruit Agents" option. Here we will find a list of different secret agents that we can hire. However, the chance of hiring these people is low because your company is not popular and no one will want to join.

To attract them we have to steal the agency from a competing agency. We will use the Infiltration option in the Actions tab and play the Infiltration minigame. This minigame involves answering a simple question or connecting pipes to hack our opponent's firewall. If done correctly, we will hack our competitor's server and gain access to our bank and agency account details. We click on "Agent Details" and use the "On" option. You will immediately contact the agent and begin negotiations to sign a new contract.

They must be offered a contract worth at least PLN 50,000. dollars above their current contract and will accept our offer. That's all! We will have hired a new agent for our company. We continue to look for new agents until our company becomes popular in the community and our ranking increases. Once our acceptance rate is 50-60%, we will be able to recruit the best agents using the above method to explore agent recruiting options.

We can conclude that knowing How to hire Secret Agents in BitLife is easier than we thought, just follow the instructions in this guide to continue progressing while also having fun.

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