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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to complete all Magneto quests in Fortnite.

Fortnite offers you a world full of fun and challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you play. This presents you with impressive elements that will make your stay in the game more exciting and an example of this is Magneto, the incredible character who is the secret aspect of this season's Battle Pass.

This iconic character comes with various integrated surprises, as it offers you two skin variants, one adaptive to the Wastlander style that this season has and a simpler one that adapts to its incredible traditional appearance found in the comic. Best of all, you can obtain magnet powers so that you can use them as weapons, such as flying and manipulating objects, which will give you a significant advantage when playing.

Now, unlocking this aspect will not be entirely easy, since you will need to complete a series of missions successfully and if you do not know exactly how you can achieve this, do not worry, since in this guide you will find everything you need to know about it. .

How to complete all Magneto quests in Fortnite

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Page 1

  • 1. Weapon X Lab Activation: Navigate to the Weapon X Lab landmark on the map and interact with the entrance to register this objective.
  • 2. Magneto Power Acquisition: Locate the "Magneto's Grasp" spray within chests or floor loot. Utilize this spray to equip Magneto Power.
  • 3. Aerial Maneuvers with Magneto Power: While under the influence of Magneto Power, accumulate 300 meters of airborne travel distance. Strategic use of launchpads or constructed ramps can significantly enhance your airborne time.
  • 4. Magneto-Powered Vehicular Assault: Locate various vehicles scattered across the map (cars, trucks, etc.). With Magneto Power active, inflict damage on any of these vehicles a total of 10 times.
  • 5. Page 1 Completion Reward: Successfully completing these four challenges grants you the Wastelander Magneto skin.

Page 2

  • 1. Magneto Power Eliminations: This objective necessitates tactical application of Magneto Power. You must eliminate a total of 5 opponents while the power is active.
  • 2. Magneto's Defensive Expertise: Activate Magneto Power and strategically utilize it to block a cumulative total of 200 damage from incoming attacks.
  • 3. Height Advantage: Locate elevated terrain, at least one story in height. From this advantageous position, inflict 2,000 damage on opponents using any available weaponry.
  • 4. Rift Beacon Reconfiguration: Strategically locate Rift Beacons across the map and interact with 3 of them to reconfigure their functionality.
  • 5. Page 2 Completion Reward: Conquer all these challenges presented on Page 2, and you'll be awarded the coveted Classic Magneto skin!

Professional Recommendations:

  • Prioritize landing at Named Locations with a high concentration of chests to expedite your search for the "Magneto's Grasp" spray.
  • Consider collaborating with teammates to facilitate easier eliminations while utilizing Magneto Power.
  • Focus on areas with a high density of vehicles to expedite the completion of the vehicle hits challenge.
  • Employ strategic gameplay and prioritize elevated positions when attempting the damage from above challenge.

Additional Notes:

These quests can be progressively completed across multiple Fortnite matches. With dedication and the application of these professional recommendations, you'll efficiently unlock both Magneto skins and expand your cosmetic collection.

This is everything you need to know about How to complete all Magneto quests in Fortnite, following this guide it will surely be much easier for you to successfully complete the corresponding missions so that you can unlock the incredible Magneto skin, all this, while you You have fun with all the aspects that Fortnite has for you.

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