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Guide to learn where the cobwebs are in week 7 in Fortnite

  Week 7 is here in Fortnite Season 4 so many players will want to know how to complete all the new missions imposed to earn all the XP points that are within your reach. While many of these new challenges are fairly straightforward, as well as some where they may require a bit of additional explanation. For example, there is one where you must destroy cobwebs. Many players still have a hard time locating themselves on the map so they are not entirely sure where the cobwebs are in week 7 that the game offers. Do not worry! If you are one of these players, we will guide you so that you can locate it quickly.
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    Where are the cobwebs in week 7 in Fortnite?

    The first step in destroying the cobwebs in Fortnite is to visit The Authority, a named location in the center of the map, so you should land directly in that area. After reaching The Authority, you will need to enter through the door on the east side of the building and go down the stairs to the vault. There are two cobwebs in this area, one in the frame of a red window just in front of the vault and another inside it, if you prefer you can use your tools to destroy them quickly. Once they are done they will have to go back up the stairs and cross to the west side to find two more cobwebs: one is in a small room with a vent and the other is next to the three holding cells.

    If you manage to destroy the 3 cobwebs, congratulations! You will have completed the mission, so you can dedicate yourself to the others that are available in the week, especially those that are located relatively close to The Authority. For example, Sweaty Sands is not far from the area at all, so driving from Sweaty Sands to Misty Meadows may seem like a good idea if you think so.

    Another thing that you can do after completing it, is that you could tour Stark Industries to discover the hidden laboratory of Tony Stark's Lake House in Fortnite. This secret lab is accessed by entering the bushes on the south side of the lakeside house north of Stark Industries, and it should certainly be possible to locate it during the same match in which a player completed the Destroy Cobwebs challenge in The Authority.

     Now that you know where the cobwebs are in week 7 in Fortnite you can complete one of the most popular missions for players at the beginning of the week, because they can only be destroyed once per game, so completing it is a good opportunity. Luck!

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