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Fortnite: How to complete the 14 Days of Winterfest challenges

2019-12-13 17:13:35

We will cover the content in this guide How to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges in Fortnite.

 In Fortnite we keep in mind the fortune winter challenges, in this guide there are the specific answers to How to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges and the rewards to win for achieving it, this will be the theme of this guide completely, for or We recommend that you pay close attention to the guidelines presented below.

What are the challenges that are present at the winter festival in Fortnite?

We have to Epic Games add many challenges of Fortnite Winterfest, this to make our Christmas even more interesting, we will have the details about how to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges, even the prizes that will be obtained to be completed, while we play what we must do is to be alert since we are not the only ones with this objective to fulfill, in Fortnite there are many more players in this fight, the challenges in turn have leaked from an official source, it is to take into account that there may be changes, here we have a lot of information covered about the events that we will have next

Search Holiday Stockings in the Winter Festival Cabin

Inside the winter festival cabin we will look for a holiday average to complete this challenge, if there are possible changes we will update it

Spit a campfire

Pitching a campfire is one of the activities we must do and is part of How to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges, to complete this challenge, we must plow a bonfire which we will get a reward, possibly a wrap of some kind , we must look for an empty place to fan a fire, the instant we light it we will spend 30 firewood to fan it, which allows to accelerate the healing process in Fortnite.

Deaths with a weapon without a vault

In this challenge there is something that is not clear, the fact of five deaths with the same weapon without a vault or with different weapons without a vault, will be that we try to complete it with the same weapon and we can win a snow envelope.

Hiding inside a stealthy snowman in different games

In two specific games we must complete this Fortnite challenge, on the outskirts of the Shiver Inn we will be able to find a pair of snowmen, so that we can hide in these dolls, it is enough that we approach them and press the button indicated by the game, the prize for winning by completing it is a new Shaolin Sip Emote.

Warm up next to the fireplace of the Winter Festival cabin.

The reward for completing this challenge is the only thing we know, this being the Kickflip 2020 Festive Doggo Back Bling, when we know the location of the fireplace in the cabin this content will be updated, but it is easy to see this challenge which is immersed in our goal we named How to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges

Dance on holiday trees in different named places of Fortnite.

In 5 different places we should dance in Holiday trees, knowing the locations this information will be updated and the reward when completing the challenge is Bundle Up.

Search in a chest within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus.

Once we land from the Battle Bus we will have 60 seconds to find a chest, we will drop into a sector where they are buildings and land inside one of them to find the chest as quickly as possible in this time required in Fortnite as

reward for it will be a Kickflip Polar Patroller Back Bling 2020.

Use Gifts!

This challenge is simple, in which we will use two gifts and win the Snow Pickaxe, as we can tell how to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges, it is not so difficult despite everything.

Frozen Booty Open

The reward of this challenge is The Crackdown's musical themes, we don't know anything about the loot, having the details will update the information.

Deal damage to an opponent with a piece of coal.

Here we must find a piece of coal and throw it in the middle of an opponent, this will be completed this challenge that is part of our task which is about How to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges and the reward for it will be the

Kickflip Ski Back Bling 2020.

Set_02_H_1 (Name of placeholder)

We have no information about this challenge, so knowing something about it will make the relevant update in Fortnite.

Search in refrigerators

In two refrigerators to be exact we must look, with this it will be possible to complete this challenge, for which we will receive the reward of the Polar Renegade Spary, now on the location of the refrigerator will remain

pending, knowing this will add the details.

Light a frozen firework found on the beaches of Sweaty Sands, Craggy Gliffs or Dirty Docks.

The reward is the only contribution we have, which is the 2020 Glider, the others for knowing will be added as it is available to us.

Find boxes of ammunition in the workshop, Shiver Inn or Ice Throne

We have on the map above the highlighted location of the two boxes of ammunition to be found, with which we go to these indicated places will be more than enough, the reward for completing this challenge is a Christmas-themed Contrail, because if we realize Knowing How to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges is not a difficult issue, we just need to move around the map and that's it.

 At the end of the explanation, we hope that the content is clear and it is understood how to complete the 14 days of winter festival challenges in Fortnite, without further ado, to be lucky.

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Epic Games
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July 25, 2017
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