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We invite you to discover How to complete the secret challenges of gnome: the aftermath  season 4, a new task in Fortnite.

What to know about the gnome secret challenges: the aftermath season 4 in Fortnite?

  This is a bonus challenge for our battle pass, these gnomes are back due to the recent patch 14.20, bringing with it a secret challenge related to these gnomes, where it is necessary that we perform the deactivation of 5 bombs that they placed in various gardens of the island, in a single game we must complete it, so to understand then how to complete the secret challenges of gnome: the aftermath season 4 let's move on to the following content.
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    How to complete the secret gnome challenges: the aftermath  season 4 in Fortnite?

      The locations of the bombs are on the steep cliffs under the restaurant's foundations, at the foot of the north reactor in the steam stacks, against a wall that is low in a part of the city to the east in the sweaty sands, outside the Potted plant shop that is in Holly Hedges and under the Misty Meadows bridge, knowing their locations, what we will do to deactivate them is to move towards the barrel and with the basic interaction key we will be able to deactivate them, for completing this challenge we will win 25,000 of XP.

      In conclusion, knowing how to complete the secret challenges of gnome: the aftermath  season 4 is excellent because we can advance more in this interesting and moved game as it is Fortnite.

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    July 25, 2017
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