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2021-03-23 09:12:28

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Today we present for you a Forager guide and it is in order to explain how to solve the frozen galaxy puzzle

What is the frozen galaxy puzzle in Forager?

This is simply one of the many activities with which we usually get here, because this game has many puzzles which has to give it a particular touch, for this it is necessary to follow some steps and do it correctly to achieve the objective that is usually related to mathematics.
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How to solve the frozen galaxy puzzle in Forager?

Our job consists of converting a binary code into text, for this it is necessary to take a look at each computer screen, because when interacting with each one, the number of objects that the binary code usually represents can be changed, although it is true it is not a A very long matter can become somewhat cumbersome to do it and if we do not do it well, we will simply not get anywhere.

To solve this puzzle you need:


  •  Make use of the image above and the text below.
  • Consider that the number of objects for each computer screen is: 5-3-4-2-4.


 Once we manage to solve this puzzle, we are allowed to get 5 chests, of which one is usually larger and requires a key to open it, with this we get the seal of the frozen galaxy in addition to the spiritual orb.

 In this sense, knowing how to solve the frozen galaxy puzzle allows us to answer an interesting task where we will get rewards in Forager.

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