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2021-04-12 23:17:21

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The action does not stop at Forager, so we will guide you on How to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb.

What to know about the ancient tomb in Forager?

It is one of the 4 existing dungeons in the game, which in turn are associated with a different biome, in this it is necessary that we manage to manipulate the battery blocks that allow opening paths and in order to obtain the rod of thunder, so to help us we have this explanatory guide on How to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb and the following content brings the details, let's see.

How to solve the ancient tomb puzzle in Forager?

It is certainly appropriate to emphasize that at the end of this dungeon in Forager we are going to have an important confrontation against a boss, this once solved How to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb, it is necessary that we be prepared with the best weapons and adding to this food for healing, if we do not want to have major obstacles, we must take these tips into account.

At the beginning of this dungeon we will be in a room where there is a power block and a battery, when we approach the latter it is possible to use the action button to interact with it, which will attract it to us, if it occurs to us hitting it with our pick will be out of our reach, to unblock the path it is necessary that we move both the battery and the power block in Forager, once we reach the next room we will notice that at each end there is an open door and Another closed one is located on the upper wall, then when we go through the door that is on the left to go down we are presented with some fighting with enemies that turn out to be slow and at a distance, when we finish with them, we continue going down until we reach the battery, to the hitting it we can go through the door that is on the right and for now we bypass the energy block in terms of How to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb.

After we manage to return the battery to the main room, we have to keep hitting until we pass through the door that is open in the wall to the right, here a combat against two enemies is presented, regardless of whether we reach them. To beat keep hitting is our main intention as to how to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb in Forager, having the space available on the road we will reach another battery that is hidden in a room that is behind, then towards the door we have just opened we have to move this battery, having two batteries to carry through the main room.
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Once we go through the main room we have to continue towards the door that is on the left wall, being necessary in terms of How to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb that we have an interaction with the energy block, then moving the battery that It is nearby we can access the path and the other one needs to be hit through the wall that allows to open this energy block, in this way we arrive at the next room in Forager, where there are some floating electrical enemies, we have to defeat them and continue with the battery on the next path, when passing through the door we have to find a thunder rod, this works as a source of energy for what can be enhanced and allows causing constant damage to the enemies, you have to take it and then move back the drums, which puts us back in the main room.

Now in relation to How to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb we have to take the batteries to the place where we find the last of these, we have to put a battery near the power block that allows us to keep the path open, then we go to the first battery to bring, in the next way we will do the same, then it is not possible to jump the batteries, which requires that we use the thunder rod in Forager to hit the next energy block in order to cross, the moment we stop using the thunder rod we have to close the path, only that it will not prevent our passage due to a power source that is on the other side of the entrance, only that before this it is ideal that we go through a small room with the help of the rod of thunder to be able to access the skeleton key that is in the back of said room, it is important to get it to open the door that is in the closed main room.

Having the key it is possible not to carry the batteries when returning using the thunder rod, when we are in the main room we will enter our inventory, it is important it is equipped in Forager, being important the materials that reinforce our resistance and health that at this point We have lost, because after we have progressed in how to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb, a fight is presented with the boss that corresponds to this dungeon, it is important that we are alert to their movements, once it comes to a stop it will be possible shake in a few moments, which indicates preparing to attack us, with which it can do significant damage, other enemies that are dropped by it are also added to the combat.

Certainly despite managing to solve How to Solve the Ancient Tomb Puzzle in Forager, we may be on the ropes if we let the boss's minions accumulate, which will easily lead us to defeat, it is necessary that we clear the whole place, if we finish with the boss first we will still have to defeat his henchmen, the point is that in the end with everything clear we will be able to access an interesting chest that contains the ancient seal and a spiritual orb dropped when winning the final combat of this dungeon.

It is clear that knowing how to solve the puzzle of the ancient tomb allows us to have more fun as we progress in Forager.