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2020-10-12 11:06:14

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Today we bring you a Forager guide where we are going to tell you How to get a golden egg

What is the golden egg in Forager?

  This is simply one of the necessary resources that we require in this game, as it is vital to carry out some explorations and solve some puzzles, which allows us to level up and progress little by little in this game but from a somewhat dynamic and entertaining.

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How to get a golden egg in Forager?

 This is simply an object that could become rare, because it is not possible to create it, this is because it is simply a random seed, because in case of being thrown to normal chickens, it is simply a low spawning rate, but this It should not necessarily occur in this way, however, it is vital to understand that this egg simply comes from chickens, for which it is necessary to focus on performing the lateral search and carrying out our objective.

 How do I increase the falling rate of the egg by Forager?

 Knowing how to get a golden egg simply allows us to have some necessary implements to make the rate of fall can be considerably higher, for which it is possible to test some artifacts that can give us drops of animals, and thus also choose to :


 Having more chickens: this simply means that stories, more chickens we have, these more they will eat and therefore there will be more possibilities of having eggs, it is also possible to make use of Ana's Deligh potion since it gives us paper shine or the Liquid Luck potion to get lucky buff.

Through animal feed: It is necessary to feed the chickens so that they can reward us with more eggs.

 Now that you know how to get a golden egg it is time to launch yourself in this search for an element of vital interest in Forager.

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