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Our tour through Phasmophobia lets us tell you how to use the motion sensor

What is the motion sensor in Phasmophobia?

  This is nothing more than a necessary resource that allows us to detect any movement that may be in front of us, as it is feasible for both a member of our team and a ghost, they can be placed in specific places, and are an essential part of our task for hunting ghosts, this being precisely a necessary element to be used as a tool.
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    How to use the Phasmophobia motion sensor?

      This is one of the necessary tools to be used in this game, only that it has a value of 100 dollars, for every 4 of them, which represents a highly high value, this is not obtained in any place that is haunted, for Note that this is active, it is enough to observe a green light and an audio notification, we have the possibility of using it at waist height on the wall, it is only possible that they work when they are on the wall, which even allows us to place it at the exit of the room.

      This is all you need to know about how to use the motion sensor so that you can play with a little more peace of mind at Phasmophobia.

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