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2020-10-13 08:49:26

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In the universe of FIFA 21 we have many tasks, one of them is How to see the remaining weekly rival games and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about the weekly rival games in FIFA 21?

  Among the changes that are presented in this edition is that the number of rival games will be limited to 30, which allows a greater balance when establishing a Ranking, achieving that the first position is not reached for many of us, now It is necessary that we bear in mind that in the previous edition these games began from 3am ET on Thursdays until the following week until 3am ET, counting that now in this it is only possible to play 30 games in that period, which will take us To find the highest possible rating, now to know How to see the remaining weekly rival games we must follow the following content.
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How to see the remaining weekly rival games in FIFA 21?

 In the Ultimate Team menu we will find the Rivals section, thus finding a banner of the games played, seeing them in the upper right, under our classification, skill division and on the classification of the rewards that we get weekly, here they will be the number of games that we have already played is limited to 30 games, thus having the knowledge of how many rivals' games we have left to play, but for some reason sometimes this cannot be displayed, so another way to search This is in the section of classification of the rewards signals that is on the same screen, in which case leaving and entering again these details may appear.

 We can conclude that with the help of this FIFA 21 guide it is easier to understand How to watch the remaining weekly rival games, we just apply the guidelines and we can achieve it.

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