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2020-10-13 08:29:17

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Guide to learn How to perform a back drag in FIFA 21

 Throughout the past few years development of this game has seen, with the new FIFA 21 fans have welcomed it with polarized opinions starting with the new team roster and game settings, others have been frank about the lack of innovation in the series for the better part of half a decade. Although not everything has remained completely the same as they claim, because with the latest release it is still one of the most important games of this October and, although the fans are in conflict, there are some notable changes in the game.

Players will need to readjust some of their patterns to perform classic moves and tricks. You may want to do a drag between those movements, so in this guide we will show you how to perform a drag back like a real pro. Stay to find out more!

How to drag back in FIFA 21?

The changes that are presented in FIFA 21 are not too radical, but some have noticed that the throwback has changed slightly and this has surprised a part of the fans. Dragging back is still easy to do, but it requires players to perform three actions instead of the traditional two.

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To perform the movements on PlayStation and Xbox, they will need to hold the left and right bumpers and point the directional joystick in the opposite direction and they will perform a back drag. Once players master this technique in FIFA 21, they will be able to hold the ball more skillfully and should be able to adapt quickly to other small changes.

Although the changes do not cause much euphoria among fans, some have enjoyed the accessibility options that this version brings as it presents other airs for players. This update along with the new control features will likely tempt some who want to play as their favorite team with a relevant roster, but there may still be trouble for the franchise if it continues down the same path.

It seems that future titles will need to update more than the buttons used to do tricks and take tangible steps forward to keep fans and critics on their side. In the meantime, they will be able to enjoy a similar setup with some settings and updated team sheets.

 Now that you know how to perform a drag back in FIFA 21 you will be able to have more control of your game with a new configuration of your movements. Luck!

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