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If you are still wondering how to play with friends in Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 you should pay attention to this article, because it has everything for you.

  What is FIFA 21 cooperative mode all about?

This is the new game mode that has been introduced to the new version of the most famous soccer simulator in the world. This new game mode will allow you to join another player with your own team to face other people.

How to play with friends in Ultimate Team in FIFA 21?

The first thing you should know is that the cooperative mode has some restrictions:

You cannot play co-op online in all Ultimate Team modes. FUT Champs and Draft are off limits.

You cannot make two friends against two friends.
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Having everything clear up to here, in order to play with friends you will have to configure an online cooperative lobby by pressing R2 if you are a PS4 user or by pressing RT if you are an Xbox One user> then press Options or Menu depending on your platform to access the Lobby Co -Op> select the small icon at the bottom of your mosaic and a menu of all your friends who play FIFA 21 will appear in the lower right.

Select the friend you want to invite by pressing the X or A button depending on your gaming platform and wait for him to accept the invitation and appear in the lobby. Which will take you to the menus of the modes you can select.

If you want to change the pairing options for the mode you will have to do it in Rivals, pressing L2 or LT> access "Play alone against solo players" or "Play against opponents alone or in cooperative mode", which are the available options.

 You are ready, so now that you know how to play with friends in Ultimate Team at FIFA 21, we hope you can get the most out of this article by playing with your friends and sharing a good game with them now that you know how to do it.

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