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Angel Marquez
2020-10-08 16:08:16

This time we return with a Super Mario Bros.35 guide with the objective of explaining how to unlock more levels.

What to know about Super Mario Bros.35?

  On the Nintendo Switch we have back in an edition other than Mario Bros, here there is a confrontation between 35 players, where it is necessary to be alive at the end, even the way of working on the levels has totally changed, at the beginning most of the levels are locked so in this guide we will have the precise details that will help us understand how to unlock more levels, let's see the following content to see what it brings us.

How to unlock more levels in Super Mario Bros.35?

 When the 35 participants enter the game, the choice of one of the levels that are available is made, this has been accumulating from the progress of the adventure, when we complete the level in which we are we have to choose one randomly, being those that are determined to which we can access by choosing them, when there are players who make the choice of a level that we do not have unlocked in Super Mario Bros.35 and it is possible to enter this, it will be unlocked like this, it becomes the safest way to have a level unlocked and that can be chosen in the following games, however there is an option of the appearance of the scenarios that has to do with the warp zones and in worlds 1-2 and 4-2, taking into account that the 4- 2 it is very rare that the game is played instead 1-2 is always appearing.

 In order to reach the warp zone, we must reach the tube that will take us back to the surface, we will notice that the blocks will be aligned on the ceiling, having to go over them jumping and with the elevators before reaching this location, on the stage we have to reach the top and we will go to the right, where we will go through a warp tube to get to this area, in 4-2 we have platforms that are moving down with 3 horizontal blocks, The one on the left is a stem that will take us to the warp zone, as for how to unlock more levels this will happen to be when arriving at this location randomly, the levels are in the same group as those that will be presented here, although 3 We will have options to choose from, if one is presented that we have not unlocked, we will choose it and at the end of the game we will have it available to play.

 It is clear that knowing how to unlock more levels allows us to have more fun in Super Mario Bros.35.

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