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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-10-08 16:04:25

More about: Phasmophobia

For today, we prepare everything you need to know about how to fix failure to connect: InternalRecieveException at Phasmophobia.

What is the InternalRecieveException fault in Phasmophobia.

The first thing you have to know and take into account is that the game is in an early access phase, so it is to be expected that certain errors are the order of the day. One of the active bugs in the game at the moment is one related to the message: "Could not connect: InternalRecieveException", for which we already have a solution.
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How to fix fails to connect: InternalRecieveException in Phasmophobia.

On how to repair failure to connect: InternalRecieveException, you have to know that the developers are already aware of the problem and they recommended restarting the game when the error message appears, however this has not worked for everyone, since the cause is not necessarily the same for all users.

One of the possible causes for this error to appear is a connection problem with the servers. This problem can occur if you use VPN, since most websites and servers can easily identify a VPN connection and although it works in some games no problem, this is an exception.

In this sense, you will have to deactivate the VPN and try to play again to make sure that you can establish a connection that does not cause errors.

We also recommend disabling proxies, we also recommend making sure that your antivirus is reliable and is doing its job so that you can do a full system scan.

Another thing we recommend doing is making sure that your antivirus is not blocking the game as if it were a threat, as this can bring more than one error.

For this if you have Windows antivirus you will have to press the Windows key I> access Update and security> Windows Security> Firewall and network protection> Allow an application through the firewall> search for the game and mark both Private and Public to later save the changes.

If you are AVG users you will have to go to Start> Settings> Components> Web Shield> Exceptions> Set the exception.

If you are an Avast Antivirus user you will have to go to Start> Settings> General> Exclusions> Set the exclusion of the game.

 That's all you have to know about how to fix failure to connect: InternalRecieveException in Phasmophobia., We hope that now that you have this article at your disposal, you will be able to resolve this error as quickly as possible.

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