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Our Fallout 76 guide lets us tell you how to set up a survival tent, let's see.

Why use the survival tent at Fallout 76?

This is undoubtedly one of the most necessary tasks that we must learn, since it ends up being a fundamental piece since our journey to allow us to mobilize through the Appalachians, so that there are opportunities in which camping is vital, because during this tour do a number of things, which requires us to have this article that is exclusive for Fallout 1st members, and this can be achieved by paying the premium subscription service.

The activities that we can carry out in the survival tent are:

  • Rest.
  • Sleep.
  • Cook.
  • Hide objects.
  • Play the banjo.

How to deploy a survival tent in Fallout 76?

Our first option is to have the tent that can be purchased with the premium subscription, once in our possession we can place it in a place where it cannot obstruct it, in such a way that it is only necessary:
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    • Press up on the Xbox One or PS4 D-pad.
    • Then go to the favorites menu in order to press Y / Triangle and thereby select our survival tent.
    The location where we place it is not important only that it is a place that can be clear, without any type of element that could obstruct it, we can choose to move it for free to any place that we consider necessary, as long as it can be somewhat removed from our camp.

    Now that you know How to Deploy a Survival Tent, it's time to purchase it and choose to explore the Appalachian Mountains in Fallout 76.

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