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2022-08-11 08:17:47

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Continue reading if you don't know How to Fix Fall Guys PS5 Trophies Not Popping, because here you will find everything you need.

What is the problem with Fall Guys trophies?

This is a bug that is causing "Infallible Trophies" to not unlock for PlayStation users through cross-development. But luckily we have a solution for those wondering How to Fix Fall Guys PS5 Trophies Not Popping.

How to fix Fall Guys PS5 trophies not showing up?

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In order to unlock trophies, you will need to be able to play on PS4 or Xbox, which will unlock on PS5. But you will have to complete the trophies individually. Unfortunately, at this time, there is still no solution with which we can correct this problem, so we will have to wait for the developers to fix it.

Luckily, the game's support recognized the problem about two months ago, but apparently, they still haven't come up with a solution because it is still affecting many PS users.

What they did do was make a statement in their forum saying:

"Currently, all PlayStation trophies require you to complete all achievements on a PlayStation system and do not work properly with cross-progression."

"They will also not be awarded automatically if you have already earned the achievement on Steam, Epic Games, Xbox or Switch and then play on PlayStation. This also applies if you purchased it on PlayStation 4 and then played Fall Guys on PlayStation 5."

"This means that at the moment you may have some trophies that are not available on PlayStation (they won't automatically compete and won't be able to be finished again)."

 For now this is all there is on how to fix Fall Guys PS5 trophies not appearing, hopefully the developers are about to publish a solution to this problem, the truth is that many are tired.

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