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Find out how to earn more money in Evil West in this excellent and explanatory guide.

¿What to know about money in Evil West?

  It is something necessary to be able to make improvements to our character's weapons, obtaining updates from the tree and this requires a lot of money, the game currency is dollars and we will see limitations on the amount that is presented, now looking to know how to earn more money Let's follow the following content carefully.


¿How to earn more money in Evil West?

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    One of the most appropriate options is exploration, going through each corner of the map, in this somewhat linear game we get some dollars, which will be distributed in different ways, there is not much to explore, now reaching a certain point on the map is not possible Returning, we will only do it if we play the missions again, noticing the glowing chains in areas such as the walls means that we are about to reach a point on the map from which we cannot return.

     Places such as niches, behind the walls that can be broken and in the boxes we will find dollars, while additionally we can use the bodies of the hanging souls, these will glow with yellow light, it means that we can shoot at the ropes and the loot that will fall from the bodies are the dollars, by repeating the story missions we can earn large amounts of money, possibly we will find more than we got the first time we passed the mission as we go deeper with exploration.

     This is all there is to know about how to earn more money in Evil West, you just have to apply the instructions presented here to achieve it.

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