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Welcome to our guide on How to Unlock Skins in Evil West.

What to know about Skins in Evil West?

  It is a way to customize our character by applying the Skins, in this third-person game we can give it some tweaks with this customization option, seeking to be aware of what to do, to unlock the Skins we take into account what we It offers in details this guide and if following content.

How to unlock Skins in Evil West?

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    We can find Skins while we progress in each of the 16 chapters of the game, only that we must precisely examine all the surroundings to avoid letting elements like this pass by, with the customization of our character we will not be changing the way we play at all, nor adding advantages like that, only that we will see a different appearance of our character, the masks that we can unlock correspond to clothing, hat, handkerchief, revolver, rifle, boom stick, gauntlet and Zapper.

    We will have access to a couple of sets of Skins, where the first 8 aspects are found through secret chests, only the second package is more complex to obtain, in the case of our outfit consisting of a hat and scarf from the Golden Defender skin and the Golden Relic weapons require a spend of $2.99, which we will buy the Wild Wild East Skin pack in the digital store where we play.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to unlock Skins in Evil West has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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