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Welcome to our guide on How to fix Goat Simulator 3 controller not working.

What to know about the Goat Simulator 3 command not working?

This is one of the errors that we are experiencing on our PC, which results in not being able to use the controller, this can be seen in different games, the conflict, while with this newly released game it is presented to us in the same way, looking for answers regarding How to fix the Goat Simulator 3 command does not work, there are some indications in this guide that can guide us and these are presented in the following content, let's see them.

How to fix Goat Simulator 3 controller not working?

It is possible that the reasons are different, going through a bad connection of the controller, that our PC is missing something, it can even be related to USB connectivity failures, now to clarify How to Fix Goat Simulator 3 Controller Not Working we have some ways to do it front and these are the following:
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    Restart the PC: this requires closing the game and the Epic Games launcher, it is something that can be basic, but it will help to eliminate different failures present in the system that can be temporary.

    Connect the controller again: closing everything we will turn off the controller and what we will do is turn it on again, with this on our PC we will restart the game to see if the problem has been resolved.

    Disconnect the mouse, keyboard and other peripherals: we will remove all these external elements from our PC, then we will connect them again to see what happens with the problem, now if it is solved it is possible that there has been a situation with the USB device or the system of our PC with technical failures previously.

    Press Alt Enter: when the controller connects automatically or is not recognized at any moment, pressing these Alt Enter keys on the keyboard will exit the game screen, then returning to it can help to correct the mistake.

    Enable driver configuration: we will do this in Steam, for this we will open it to go to the configuration, in the driver option we will give general driver configuration and here we will enable the configuration support option.

    Change the screen update frequency to 60 Hz: if we have a screen update frequency we can fall into technical errors, that is why changing it is appropriate, we will press Win I to enter the Windows configuration, in the option system we go to the screen, we will go down the right panel to locate the advanced display settings, we will only check and choose the refresh rate of 60 Hz.

    Choose high performance in graphics settings: graphics performance for PC can bring us problems, looking to have high performance set we go to the start menu to find graphics settings, entering here we will choose the desktop application to examine it, we will see a file explorer window to go to the install folder of the Epic Games launcher, in the game folder we will choose the GoatSimulator3.exe application, we will click to enter the list, then we will locate it in the same to see the game options , in the high performance press and save to see if the game starts normally.

    Use wired controller: in this way, regarding How to Fix Goat Simulator 3 Controller Not Working, it is an option that will allow us to determine if the same problem occurs, having better connectivity than via Bluetooth with our PC.

    Configure the Steam Big Picture settings: an incorrect configuration can hinder the recognition of our controller, so we will use the Steam Big Picture controller to be able to use the controller, this requires that we start Steam, we will choose the image that will take us to the library, choose installed on the left panel to get to the game, now in manage game options we will get to a Steam section where the controller options are, here in Steam configuration input per game to force shutdown, with this connecting the controller you must be properly working.

    Reset or calibrate the game controller: for this option we have to connect the Xbox controller to our PC with the USB cable, we hope it detects it, for this we go to the device manager using Win X, here if we do not notice the controller we will look for changes hardware, the next thing is to go through the control panel to go to all the elements of the control panel, in devices and printers we enter to right click on the control and look for its properties, we can try to use the buttons and triggers of the same , with this it will be necessary to make a reset to the default or calibrated configuration.

    Update the firmware of the game controller: we will do this manually, it is important to install the pending update to improve bugs or errors, we go to the Xbox Store application to download the application, we connect the gamepad through the USB and turn it on, we will locate ours from the list and click on the three-point icons, we will press the button for no updates, we will continue and click on it, we wait for the update to complete and with this we must have solved the problem.


     We hope that the information detailed here on How to Fix Goat Simulator 3 Controller Not Working has been very useful for your fun in the game.

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