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With our help, you will see that knowing how to make the strongest ranged weapon in Minecraft is easier than you thought.

What to know about the strongest ranged weapon in Minecraft?

With the help of the weapons we can face the different monsters that we are going to find, only for this it is opportune that we have the bows and crossbow well improved and looking to understand How to make the strongest ranged weapon in Minecraft let's see what it has for us the following content.

How to make the strongest ranged weapon in Minecraft?

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    Among the important weapons is the crossbow, with the updates it can become one of the most powerful in the game, only you have to pay a high price, therefore, with 9 crossbows we can cause great damage with the set of enchantments and components, resulting in super bow, the manufacture of this will lead us to the use of fireworks, which is an ammunition that damages the area, while if we have it in basic form it will not cause any type of damage.

    We are going to need for the explosive stars of the fireworks, which requires gunpowder, dye and a charge of fire on the work table, with said stars as a result we are going to place them on the work table adding 3 separate gunpowders and a sheet of paper, with this we will have an explosive firework, with the payload we must have the crossbows safe with conditions for the enchantment, the two necessary for each bow are multiple shots, once loaded with the fireworks we will put it in our inventory, We will have 27 explosive fireworks that can reach the objectives in a few seconds, with the right mouse button it will be enough to shoot the 3 fireworks, among which we will quickly go to the crossbow as a choice.

    With the bombardment we have that the enemies will have less health, being stunned and confused, with this advantage we can launch ourselves on them or use the superbows to do more damage.

    This is all there is to know about How to make the strongest ranged weapon in Minecraft, you just have to apply the instructions to achieve it.

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