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We have made a guide where we plan to explain how to reset Perks in Evil West.

What does it mean to reset Perks in Evil West?

  Having the opportunity to embark on a leveling system through a benefit tree and an upgrade tree whose objective is nothing more than to improve the skills and weapons for our character, by doing so we manage to become a vampire hunter, sometimes we come across complex bosses with whom it is necessary to fight and this makes it necessary to take care of restoring the advantages once we manage to progress in the game.

How to reset the Perks in Evil West?

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    As we progress we manage to level up by destroying enemies and completing missions, this is an activity that is usually done in the main story, this favors the tree of point benefits that we can earn.

    It is necessary to take into account that there is an improvement tree in which we can spend the game currency called Bucks.

    It is good to know that both trees are usually vital for success as a vampire hunter and that allows us to be powerful enough, here we can make use of combos and abilities.

    Restoring both trees involves visiting Virgil's workshop in Clico, the central city of the Bad West.

    Before accessing the respect machine in Virgil's laboratory, we must advance in the main story to complete some missions and take care of unlocking Virgil's laboratory after completing mission number 4 and having gained access to the main city.

    Next, we must take care of looking for the bright blue machine that usually has a certain resemblance to a laboratory jukebox and we will see that Jesse usually inserts his gauntlet into the machine as a visual confirmation that the sales and improvement trees have been rebooted.

    Next, we can change the advantage and improve the trees as we see fit, this is a process that we can repeat as many times as we deem necessary.

     This is all we know about How to restore Perks in Evil West, it will only be enough to apply the actions detailed here.

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